Sunday, June 23, 2013


This is indeed a great news for all the smart subscribers out there. 
Especially now that it's rainy season, we all need to load up to communicate with people in case of emergency. 
Heavy traffic has always been a problem in the philippines, so what can you do for more than 3 hours in the car? Well, whenever I'm stuck at traffic, I always make sure I'm on Unli, because texting and calling my friends always help me survive the horrors of traffic. 
With that said, SMART BRINGS YOU, BIG UNLI TEXT 50! Unlimited texting to SMART, SUN AND TALK AND TEXT SUBSCRIBERS FOR 7 DAYS! Can you imagine not having to load for a week! SUPER SULIT! For only 50 pesos you get to text your friends all day everyday. 


(TEXT50 TO 6406) FOR BIG CALLS ( CALL100 TO 6406)

For more information visit smart's website:

For comments, suggestions and concerns you can tweet smart: @smartcares