Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gold Rush

Yesterday, We celebrated my mom's 38th birthday! 
She had her party in el cirkulo and can I just say, I LOVE THEIR FOOD.
You guys should go and eat there with your family! good food and great service!
Anyway, my family and my mom's friends came to party with us. 
Everyone had a blast! A night full of laughter and endless kwentuhan. 
I was so glad to see my mom enjoying herself the whole night. 
Definitely a night to remember. I'll be posting pictures of her party this coming week! 

And now for my outfit! Tell me what you guys think. :)

Top: Style Nook, Skirt: Julia's closet, Shoes: Michael Kors, 
Bangles: Forever 21, Earrings: Aldo
Make up by cindy of shu uemura 
(rockwell branch) 

Sorry for the quality of the picture.
Had to do the outfit shots in our condo. 
bad lighting.