Thursday, June 21, 2012

God Is Good All The Time

I thank God everyday for my blog sponsors.
Thank you for believing in me and my blog. 
I hope someday I can thank you all personally.

 Braided necklaces from: LoveKrizzy

 From: lunachic

 From: orangetag


From: Dress Up your nails 

Click the link under the picture to check out their facebook page. 

My Favorite Things

I've been getting a lot of "what's in my bag" suggestions from you guys, so I thought why not. 
Everything you will be seeing here are the things that I bring with me everywhere I go. 

So here we go! 

 My Blackberry and samsung phone and My ipad. 
The gadgets I can't live without. 

 Make up bag! I'm sure every girl has this inside their bag. 

my charger, 3 in one coffee haha I bring coffee to school so I wont fall asleep. 
And lastly, My medicines. 

 It's important that you have medicines inside your bag, because you'll never know when you'll get a headache, tummy ache etc.

 My wallet
My friend, Sofia Gomez gave this to me for my birthday. :) 

 Lanvin Eclat 
My mom gave this to me. I super love the smell! 

 My Ipod, I can never leave the house without it.

My SLR (Canon 1100D) I recently got this baby from my mom, and ever since then I always bring it with me especially when I attend parties, and events. 
You see my phone? I just got a new case from casesforyourgadgets 

Here are the other cases they sent me. I super love them all!
good quality and very affordable. :)
Check out their facebook page: casesforyourgadgets