Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anyone Can Be A Legend.

So happy to announce that Rayban And I have the same birthday! Happy 19 birthday to me! and Happy 75TH Birthday Rayban! As part of their celebration, they recently launched a campaign titled Rayban LEGENDS. I, along with other bloggers, was chosen to be part of this campaign. They asked us to channel our Favorite Icon. 
And who did I pick to imitate? Of course. My Style Icon, RACHEL ZOE. She's A celebrity Fashion stylist. Best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, beauty firms, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. 

I've always looked up to her ever since I first saw her on tv. I was always so jealous and amazed on how heavenly her job is.  She gets to dress hollywood stars on red carpet events and more. She's one of the reasons why I was convinced to pursue fashion design. She's not only a celebrity stylist but she is also a fashion designer. She built her fashion empire last year. She's not only a fashion guru but she is also a mother and a wife. Rachel Zoe's life isn't easy at all. She has an empire to manage and a family to keep together. And both is definitely not an easy thing to do. 

 I won't deny the fact that I want to be like her someday. She's an inspiration to many because she never tried to be anyone else to make it this big in the fashion industry. She also fought hard to be where she is right now. She started from a freelance stylist to one of Hollywood's Favorite Style Icons. And someday, I hope to achieve that title as well. But of course, here in the Philippines. 

Like Rachel, I'm also ambitious. When It comes to my craft, I always give my 100%. 
I always want my Job done perfectly. And like her, I express myself through my work. 
Whatever the people see and read in my blog, that's all me. I will never pretend to be someone I'm not to survive this business. Because I believe that a person doesn't have to change to attain a certain dream or a certain something. We are always given a choice, It's up to us whatever path or road we choose to take. 
Life's what you make it. 

 I don't really know If I will ever be a legend. But all I can really say that as long as I'm alive, I will continue to inspire others through my craft. God gave me this talent for a reason, I'm sure he doesn't want me to keep this inside. I know that he wants me to share it to others. And that is exactly what I'm going to do. Someone once told me this: "love what you do. For if you do, it will love you in return."

But before you aim to be a legend, you must love yourself first. You can never give any amount of love to anyone or anything if you don't love yourself first. Conquer your fears. Don't be afraid to show the world what God has destined you to be. Because I believe that to become a legend, you must love yourself first. How can you make a difference if you don't believe in yourself right? 

 I believe that someone can be called a legend if he/she is someone who doesn't pretend to be someone they're not. Someone who's not afraid to show the world who and what they are. And lastly, a legend is someone who lives and has the heart to inspire others.

  Like what Rayban's Campaign says, "NEVER HIDE" Go out there and show the world what you're capable of. Don't hide in fear. It will eat you up alive. Fight it. You'll be surprised on how amazing you can be. 


Watch out for that! 

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 Photos Taken By: Valerie Harley 


TDK: Life On Record

Since its introduction in 1935, TDK has been dedicated to enriching our experiences and lifestyle with masterfully engineered and specially designed media products. From electronic materials to recording and data-storage media, TDK made sure that each of their products carries on the company’s aim to “contribute to culture and industry through creativity”. True enough, they became known world-wide for the production of magnetic tapes, which was also shortly followed by the infamous music icon, the compact cassette in 1966.

TDK also boasted of an impressive portfolio of magnetic and optical media products. First there was the videotape and the CD-R that claimed its fame on their respective eras. In 2004, TDK became the first brand to develop the Blu-ray post DVD technology.

When Imation took the brand under its wing in 2007, they continued to market TDK Life on Record brand products such as recordable DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs, and developed more innovations such as flash drives, tape cartridges, headphones and computer speakers. As a tribute to TDK’s motto, they continued to tailor-fit these products to cater the ever-evolving digital music culture.

Continuing the TDK Legacy

In 2010, Imation broadened the TDK Life on Record line with the addition of high-quality audio products and headphones. With this new venture, TDK will accommodate more and more people with different musical taste and needs and at the same time, continue to uphold the legacy it started.



ST-800 High Fidelity Headphones

Imagine having both control over the audio output of your music and the amazing sound quality and range in your headphones. That is the promise of the ST-800 High Fidelity Headphones. It features an in-line equalizer that is integrated into its cable for the adjustment of bass/treble levels; on-ear volume and mute controls; and high performance 50mm drivers that that provide amazing clarity and range for any type of music. The ST-800 High Fidelity Headphones is crafted with superior materials to ensure impeccable craftsmanship and design.

 WR700 Wireless Headphones

Listen to your favorite tunes without the cords, yet still get the same high quality sound that you anticipated with the WR700 Wireless Headphones. It works well with both stereo systems and mobile devices with just a plug and sync operation and you’re good to go. Pair this up with the Kleer lossless wireless audio technology, this headphone can deliver massive improvements in sound quality, giving you an uncompromised stereo sound.

TDK Clef P Series

A promise of a whole new level of listening experience will be given with the TDK Clef P Sound Tuning Series. The high performance earphones are pre-tuned to deliver a different sound dynamic with each mode. The Vocal tuning earphone is specifically designed to enhance the vocals in the recordings. This is a popular choice for jazz lovers, acoustic fans or any genre that peaks with instrumental music and vocals.

For live recordings, concerts and most world music, the Live Tuning earphone is your best bet. Its compatibility with high treble sounds and live music provides you a very high definition musical experience.

IE-500 In-Ear Earphones

The IE-500 is ideal for listeners who expect more from their music experience. It features a ceramic housing and a high performance neodymium speaker for full and rich sound that even the pickiest music lover will appreciate. Peeved with cables that get tangled no matter how careful you are? Surely TDK IE-500’s braided cable would be your best bet since it stays tangle free every time you listen to your favorite music.

2-Speaker Boombox

Play your music loud and proud with TDK 2-Speaker Boombox. With its two speakers powered by 6in. coaxial drivers that provides the boombox with deep and accurate bass, clear and true vocals and crisp sharp highs, you can play your music loud and proud without worrying about your bass getting all lethargic.

Its design is also legendary. Lifting from the iconic style of the boombox, it refined the best aspects of the original and enhanced its sound quality. Also, the 2-speaker boombox comes with a strap that can be used to carry it around for it simply begs to be showed to everyone.

 The cube boombox 

The saying “small but terrible” is indeed accurate for the TDK Sound Cube. Do not be fooled by its size because the sleek and compact frame is the secret to its powerful sound and advanced capabilities. Each side has a sound port that can deliver 360 degrees of sound, giving any room a high-definition usical experience.

The Sound Cube can also be used to charge and play your iPod or iPhone devices using the 30 pin Apple cable. Play your music files directly from storage such as USB flash and external hard drives through its rotary dial and front facing screen. Furthermore, it features input options that let you connect most audio devices and mix it with an instrument.
 Lastly, its compact design allows you to take your music anywhere.

  3-Speaker boom Box

Introducing the lovechild of timeless design and modern sonic technology – the TDK 3-Speaker Boombox.

With sound power provided by two 6in. coaxial drivers for clear vocals crisp high, sand and enhanced by subwoofers for optimum bass quality, you can be assured that your music will be heard loud and clear. Its design is lifted off from the old-school boombox, then enhanced with modern features such as the rotary dial and front facing screen which allows you to play and control music directly from any storage devices; different inputs for iPod, iPhone and even additional instruments that can be added to enhance your listening pleasure

TDK is available in the following retail outlets:

·       Astrovision at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA Main, Trinoma, Robinsons Place Manila, V-Mall, Shangri-la Plaza, Greenbelt 5 and Alabang Festival Mall
·       Ansons at The Link, Cash N Carry and Alabang Town Center
·       Gadgets N Style at Shangri-la Plaza, Trinoma and Marquee Mall
·       Western Appliance at Farmers Cubao, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and SM Megamall
·       Digital Walker at Eastwood Mall
·       Switch at Alabang Town Center, Marquee Mall, UP Technohub, College of St. Benilde and Parksquare
·       I-Gig at Promenade Greenhills
·       A Shop at Glorietta, Eastwood Mall and Trinoma
·       Electronic Boutique at Shangri-la Plaza, Waltermart Muñoz, Parksquare and Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
·       SM Appliance at Rockwell, SM San Lazaro, SM Makati and SM Fairview

For more information, please visit www.tdkperformance.com

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