Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chucks Are Forever ( CLOSED)

Converse Philippines just launched their new collection of colorways for the season: Rust, Parasailing, Blue Ribbon, Quartz Pink, Ginger Snap, Cherry Tomato, Warm Olive, Green and Raspberry. And because Converse loves each and everyone of you, you can be one of the very first ones to own a pair from this collection. All you have to do is share with us how you would wear your Chucks.

1. Follow @danibarrettoo and @ConversePH on Twitter. Like “Converse Philippines” on Facebook.

2. Take a photo of yourself wearing converse. It doesn't matter if it's low cut or high cut. Just as long as it's converse.

3. Twitpic your photo to me and tag @conversePH

4. Tweet this together with your photo. "I want to win ( the color that you want from the new collection) and why. D
on't forget to mention @ConversePH 

5. I will announce the winner on SEPTEMBER 30 on twitter. 

Here's how I wore my chucks. 
Growing up, Converse or "Chucks" has always been one of my faves!
Why? simply because it's a classic. And it's a must have! It's the most comfortable sneakers ever. 
I think everyone had or has a pair of chucks. Like I said, It's a classic! You can wear it with anything. You can wear it with shorts, jeans or even a dress. You can't disagree with me on this. You all know Kirsten Stewart right? Chucks are her fave. She literally goes to red carpet events wearing chucks with her dress. That's how awesome these sneakers are.


TOP: Urban Outfitters, SHORTS: Forever 21, SHOES: Converse, 
WATCH: Casio, ARM CANDIES: Belle Vous, Wear Mauve, The bead shop. 
NECKLACE: Forever 21, PONY TAIL: Goody, LIPSTICK: Hot shop 

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