Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Come Play With Goody Event!

  Last saturday, I attended the Goody Come play event with Claui and Juliana. 
It was so much fun! we learned so many things from the speakers. 
Goody had 3 workshops. Styling, blogging and modeling. 
The Speakers were: 
Styling- Alyanna Martinez
Blogging- Camille Co 
Modeling- Divine lee
How can you not learn from the best of the best right? 
They were great! I'm sure everyone who came to the event will agree with me. 
I also got to meet some of my readers! They were all so sweet. It was really nice meeting you all! 
Thank you so much goody for inviting us!
Goody will always and forever be my favorite brand when it comes to hair products/accessories. 
Is in it obvious? if you look closely at my photos you'll always spot the stay put pony tail on my wrist. 
My personal favorite. I never leave the house without it. My family and I also use stylista brushes. That's the only brush we use. I highly recommend goody to all my readers. I promise you, you won't be disappointed. It will exceed your hair expectations. 

And one more thing, I AM A GOODY GIRL. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. <3

Goody girls!
The Freedom Wall <3
The Gorgeous speakers. Camille Co, Divine Lee, Alyanna Martinez.
Celebrity Stylist, Alyanna Martinez. Teaching us the different kinds of body types and the outfits that will fit our body type. 

Goodies from goody! 
Mother divine lee! She's the speaker for the modeling workshop. 
She did a great job! I always loved, divine lee. She's actually my favorite blogger. 
Why? because she doesn't pretend to be someone else to impress people. 
That's why she's successful. She speaks her mind, helps a lot of people, she's very humble and kind,  and she's very passionate in what she does. That's why she is loved. I will always be a fan of Divine Lee. 
Mother called me to help her pick a winner for the on the spot photoshoot the contestants did with Bjorn

I missed this girl! It was nice seeing you again, Trisha!! 

Thank you blowout bar for doing my hair! I loved my curls! will definitely visit you guys soon!