Monday, December 08, 2014

Making Changes

Another year is about to end soon. 
What a year this was. So many challenges, blessings and a lot of lessons learned, which I plan to fix this coming new year. I plan to make a lot of changes within myself and with my work. I plan to be the best that I can be without making excuses and for once just follow my heart and go for it. 
I learned that the people who pulls me down are the very reason why I should succeed more. and that I shouldn't let anybody have the right to stop me from shining bright like a diamond.
So this coming 2015, I encourage you all, my SIE READERS, to make a to-do list or just simply write down the things you want to change or do this coming 2015. Also, right down a target date on when you plan to accomplish it. So when the time comes that you have checked all the empty boxes on your list, you will just smile with great pride and happiness within yourself because you have accomplished them all. Let's all do this together. I will share mine on the blog before new year. 

Happy Holidays my dear SIE READERS!



Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I've been so busy with school and work lately that I forgot to post one of my fave shoots this year. Anyway, a few days before midterms started, I went crazy in Bench Rockwell Branch. Couldn't help myself. I went shopping! I love how edgy some of the pieces were. I just had to get it. The black jersey I'm wearing in the photos are from Bench. I also love how affordable everything was. So girls, here's an advice, Don't just stick to one store all the time. Explore. 
Don't settle. You'll never know what you're missing. 

Shopping tips: 
1. Check the Quality of the item first. 
2. Check the prize if it gives justice to the design and the quality of the item. 
3. it's okay to think twice when buying something. But if you can't stop thinking about it,
 buy it! because if you don't, you will regret it. Trust me. It happened to me so many times already, and I hated the feeling. 

One more tip for my readers who are already working, don't be afraid to splurge every pay day. You don't have to spend everything. But also leave some for yourself. 
You deserve it! You worked so hard. Enjoy your hard work. :) 



Monday, November 10, 2014


You might just be one of the lucky 10 to win 25k worth of topshop gc’s for yourself and another 25k worth of gc’s for someone you think deserves it. 
Read more for the mechanics. 

  1. “Modess: Shopping Spree. Gifts for free.” promo is open to all female Philippine online users who are 14 years old to 23 years of age.
  2. Modess Cottony 8ʼs or Modess Cottony Soft 16ʼs are included in the promo.
  3. In order to join from Nov 5 – Dec 13, 2014, online users my participate in “Modess: Shopping Spree. Gifts for Free.” promo by submitting their own photo holding 1 Modess cottony 8s or 16s and must be a .jpeg photo format not exceeding1 MB in the Modess microsite:
  4. In order to qualify, participants must submit their details along with their photos and
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a. Complete registration details include complete name, address, mobile number, email, and birthday.
  1. Complete Name
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15. Total number of raffle prizes:
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    PROMO PERIOD: Nov 5, 2014 to Dec 13, 2014

Thursday, November 06, 2014


There is always that inner voice of doubt that stops you from making your every move, its that "bulong" you hear when you are about to do something like, singing in front of a crowd, raising you hand to answer a hard questions, answering a test, etc. Because of this Bulong, you tend to back out or give the wrong answer because you let the "bulong" take over you. 
Well, it's time to stand up and #stopthebulong. 
I remember crying myself to sleep after reading all the hate comments I saw on my social media accounts a few months ago, I actually wanted to delete my IG, Twitter, everything, because I was too hurt and felt so ashamed of myself. I also remember not posting a selfie in so long because I was too afraid with the comments that I'll get. 
So I prayed and asked God to give me strength to stand up and just shake all of it off. 
The next day, when I woke up, I was a changed person. I told myself that no one and I say no one is allowed to rain on my parade. And that I will not let anybody put me down ever again. And that really changed on how I view life. Haters and bashers are there to remind us that, You can't please everybody. But it's up to you on how you'll handle the situation. 
Always remember that God made us all beautifully. We are special and beautiful in our own way. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. 
And one more thing, don't let fear take over you. 
It's okay to make mistakes, Because it's what makes us stronger, wiser and 10x better. 

Watch this and Join Modess and Julia Barretto #StopTheBulong! 
Share your story and make a difference.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Olay White Radiance CC Cream

If you girls follow my blog and my other social media accounts, you would know that I barely put make up on, not unless I'm attending an event or in photo shoot. There's actually a reason for that. My skin is very sensitive, it gets dry easily without any moisturizer or lotion. That's why I'm very picky with make up or anything I put on my face. I recently discovered the Olay White Radiance 3-in-1 CC CREAM, it's a spot corrector, a brightening moisturiser and natural coverage foundation that gives you flawless skin today and in the long term. I've tried various CC Creams before, but it was only the Olay 3-in-1 CC cream that gave me the best results. And because I loved it so much, I want to share my experience with you guys, so you can also experience its wonders. After all, who doesn't want flawless skin right? I use it everyday. I don't even put any foundation or powder anymore. It already hides what needs to be hidden, correct what is needed to be corrected and brings out what should be brought out and flaunted to the world. And that is Beautiful Flawless skin.

 Thank you Olay for sending me the gift basket with the Olay white radiance CC Cream in it. If it weren’t for your generosity, I wouldn’t have discovered this amazing product. 

Here's a guide on how to use it, and
 also a tip on how you'll find the perfect CC Cream shade for you. 

1.  Apply CC Cream to perfectly cleansed and moisturized skin with fingertips on on forehead, cheeks, and nose areas.
2. Gently spread upwards and outwards direction.
3. Massage the face; Allow active ingredients to penetrate deeply into skin surface and provide even looking skin tone instantly. 
4. Texture provides a natural hydrated non-greasy feel and allow for touch ups during the day

 Choosing the right CC Cream Shade:

1. Try the color out on your jawline, not your wrist or hand.
2. Ensure your jawline is free from make-up and try out the 2 shades in strips on your jawline.
3. The color that blends easily with your skin tone is the right shade for you.
4. Stay in an area with natural lighting like a doorway or by a window to see if the color matches.
TIP: You can try different looks for day and evening. A light application of CC cream is perfect for work or the weekend. You can apply more for the evening.

 Olay White Radiance CC Cream comes in 2 shades: Light and Medium.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life Goes On

Its official. I’m turning 21 in less than a week. 
Its crazy. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was counting the days until I turn 20. 
It scares me sometimes how time flies so fast. It’s like one day you’re 20 and the next day you’re already 30. And you won’t even feel it. 
Wow. What can I say? that was one heck of a year for me. 
I can’t even put to words how much of a roller coaster my life was. But I’m very happy to say that I’m saying goodbye to being 20 with a happy heart. I remember crying out to God when I was so down about the issues that were being thrown at me. I was at my lowest point. I really wanted to just lay in bed and just sleep forever. I remember asking God for better days. And just crying out to him asking him to give me strength to move forward. And he did. The storm is over. One thing I learned about everything that happened, is that if you have a sincere heart, a positive mind and faith in God, there’s nothing you can’t do. He really does work in mysterious ways sometimes. Just when I wanted to give up and just drown myself in tears, he showed me how blessed I am with a loving and very supportive family, friends, readers and boyfriend. What more can I ask for? 
That’s all I need. No one and nothing else should matter. 
At the end of the day you really can’t please everybody. So let them hate. 
After all, haters make you famous. ;)

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all my readers for all your love and support.
for defending and standing by me when I was afraid to defend myself. i love you all. 


You’ll be seeing big changes on my blog. Good change. 
Hope you like it! :) 



Thursday, September 25, 2014


Wore this outfit at my Mom's 40th birthday party a couple of months ago. 
I thought I lost these photos, I just found them all today. Some of you already saw this on my social media accounts. This is one of my favourite outfits this year.
 I wore this beautiful dress by BOOM SASON. She's a famous designer here in the Philippines who is known for her very sexy but classy pieces. A lot of A-List celebrities already wore her creations. Like ANNE CURTIS, SOLENN HEUSAFF, GEORGINA WILSON, MEGAN YOUNG, and many more. What I love most about this outfit is how I felt wearing it. I don't usually wear dresses this revealing, but for some reason, I felt so comfortable and sexy the whole night. And I think that's what Boom wants all her clients to feel, Comfortable, sexy and proud of their body. Because if so, Thats exactly what I felt that night. 
Girls, i'm never going to get tired reminding all of you to not be afraid to try new things. Whether it may be in Fashion or anything else. It really does open your eyes to a lot of things, and make you see how beautiful you are or how beautiful life is. 
Because if there's something I learned about growing up in a Showbiz family,
 it's being FEARLESS. 
Because its true what they say, life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. 
Well, at least for me it did. :) 

The lighting was terrible. This was taken at night. We had to make do of whatever lighting was available. 


Monday, September 08, 2014


Today, Smart Prepaid officially launch their partnership with Wikipedia to give FREE access to all Smart, Talk N’ Text and Sun Cellular subscribers. It’s really simple: just turn on your mobile data, access the Wikipedia app or on the mobile browser and enjoy your FREE Wikipedia! Even subscribers without load can access free Wikipedia! How cool is that? This is perfect especially for us students who always cram our homework's. haha! Guilty as charged. Or simply just want to know facts about important people, places, etc. What are you waiting for? download the Wikipedia app now! :)

For promos and more information about Smart Prepaid offers visit:

Sunday, August 31, 2014


SEPTEMBER 19, 2014



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Uptown Girl

Plains and Prints unveils classy, fun Pre-Fall Collections 2014

Flattering silhouettes, vivid colors, and out-of-the-box prints. Class and sophistication meet bold and fun details. All these and more describe the fabulous ensemble that leading women’s clothes brand Plains and Prints has assembled for its Pre-Fall Collection.
Conceptualized by topnotch designer and Plains & Prints Creative Director Rhett Eala with the unique and sophisticated Plains and Prints woman in mind, the Pre-Fall Collection was  unveiled at a tea party at the new Plains and Prints store, located on the 5th Level  of Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City, with no less than the Plains and Prints woman herself – Anne Curtis. The Plains and Prints Pre-Fall Collection is composed of four sets of off-the-rack ensembles that range from the playful, to the romantic, to the sophisticated.
Especially made for girly-girls is the Fleur de Lis collection. Giving off a romantic and very feminine vibe inspired by this year’s color, radiant orchid pink, Fleur de Lis uses different methods of printing to create interesting effects on the fabric in vibrant shades of fuchsia, purple, peach, and pink. 
“Fleur de Lis was inspired by the color of the year, radiant orchid. I lifted a lot of inspiration from flowers, most especially their colors. I wanted to capture daintiness and sophistication all in one collection,’’ Eala notes.

“With Uptown Girl, plains and prints focuses on creating very classy, sophisticated silhouettes and details. Audrey Hepburn never left our mind while we were designing the clothes, asking ourselves, what would she wear?’” Eala adds.
Meanwhile, the Flights of Fancy collection features a twist on a classic wardrobe staple – the button down polo shirt. Repurposing it to something fun and fancy, in vibrant prints and interesting colors, the regular button-down shirt becomes trendier.
“Polo shirts are such a staple in office wear. They wanted to give it a twist with this collection. The pieces from Flights of Fancy can take you from the office to, maybe, an after work hang out,” says Eala.

Cosmopolitan ladies will certainly go for the Uptown Girl collection. Inspired by no less than the ultimate uptown girl herself - actress and style icon Audrey Hepburn - this collection features feminine silhouettes with glamorous, rich details in bold shades of blues, yellows, and oranges. It goes without saying that this collection is pure style and grace, much like Audrey.

Inspired by the warm autumn sunshine is the California Dreamin’ collection. In pretty shades of pink and green, the collection features shift dresses, waist dresses, and pants popping out with dainty details. The collection is tailor-fit for women who like a more natural vibe yet still want to look polished and professional.
 “Through very sweet colors and very much nature-inspired details, the California Dreamin’ collection gives out a refreshing, cool vibe,” says Eala.

The new collections embody the look that the fiercely independent professional woman goes for - well-polished, trendy, and unique. 
“The Plains and Prints woman is not afraid to try trends or to stand out in her outfits.  She always has a fun element in her clothes because she could go from a busy day at work to a fun night out with friends. She is always well put together, and you will never ever see her dull and boring,” describes Eala.

Plains and Prints has always been known for its chic, trendy apparel choices for the modern, sophisticated, Filipino woman.


The Plains and Prints Pre-Fall collection are still available in all Plains and Prints stores.
you can also shop via online shopping through 

For regular updates on release dates, Like Plains and Prints Facebook page or follow @Plainsandprints on Instagram and Twitter  

Monday, August 11, 2014


 Hi guys! here's another way to wear a plain white shirt. This outfit would look better if I wore accessories with it. The reason why I don't have any is because I thought I already prepared it the night before. But obviously, I didn't. I must have been sleepy or really tired. but anyway, going back. Here's another way to wear a basic white shirt. Imagine this outfit with accessories, and you're definitely ready to hit the mall with your girlfriends or a movie night with the boyfriend. The good thing about this outfit is you can also wear this with flats if you're not comfortable wearing heels. Just don't forget to wear accessories like I did, okay? 
my basic tees series isn't done yet. I'm just getting started. You guys will be surprised on how a simple white and black shirt can be worn anywhere and would still look very stylish. 



PS. I also recommend BENCH basic tees. 
I recently bought all the colors. It's comfy and very affordable. 
Will blog about it soon. :)


Friday, August 08, 2014

School Girl

Some of you have been asking me what I wear in school.
Well, here's an example of what I normally wear. I'm always in Jeans, flats and basic tees or tank tops like this but I wear them with a cardigan because it's insanely cold in my building. I know some of you might be thinking why I don't dress up in school. Well I only have one reason, It's because I want to feel comfy the whole day. There are days when I'm in school from 8 in the morning until 7 in the evening. So i really like wearing outfits that will help me get through the day without having to worry about anything. But of course I always add accessories to bring life to my lazy outfit. It really changes the look. And as i've shared to you guys in previous posts, I commute to school everyday. That's why jeans is always a big check for me when it comes to school dressing. Besides, jeans are very flexible. You can wear them with heels, flats, rubber shoes, sandals, you name it. It would still look nice on you. It's really just depends on how you wear it. I will do a series of my school outfits here on the blog on the coming days. So you guys will have an idea on what I'm talking about.

If you guys have questions about fashion or outfit requests, let me know.
Tweet or email me. @danibarrettoo,