Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy, That's What You Make Me

This post's title says it all. 
Happy, that's what all my readers make me every single day. 
I swear, I'll hug you all if I could. 
Thank you so much for the love and support you all have been giving me. 
Still in cloud nine because of you guys. <3 
Anyway, here's another batch of "dani pose" pictures some of you tweeted me. 

 So sweet! Thank you, Lea Chavez for the love and support and the sweet tweets you send me almost everyday. :)

Thank you, Angel for this!! 
you're so sweet!!! :*

 "dani pose" with my giveaway winners!

A reader tweeted me this picture. 
couldn't stop laughing. HAHA 
super girl doing the "Dani Pose" :)

and of course, My baby's "Dani Pose" haha <3


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