Tuesday, February 05, 2013

One Sweet Day

Long time no blog again! 
I'm sorry! been really busy lately. 
Anyway, even if I'm busy I still find time to take outfit shots for you guys. 
Here's one. I wore this outfit to the J.co donuts event. 
It was so much fun! we got the chance to make our own donuts and make our own J.co drink. 
Check out Mikyle's blog for the event photos, mikylequizon.blogspot.com
Wore a short simple forever 21 dress to the event. Activated my girly girl side again. 
What do you guys think? :)

Oh and, Watch out for my valentine's day post. :) 

If you guys notice, I didn't wear any accessories. Why? because my dress was already too loud. 
So my simplicity is beauty mode was activated again. I decided to wear only a watch and my goody double wear pony tail who always passes as an arm accessory. 

DRESS: Forever 21, SHOES: The Ramp, 
WATCH: Veloci, PONY TAIL: Goody Double Wear 

Thanks for editing my pictures, Mikyle. :)


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