Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plain Meets Prints

Sunday Funday, According to my Sister, Julia. :) 
Anyway, This is what I wore last week in a normal sunday afternoon lunch with the fambam. 
Wanted to wear something simple but still stylish. 
Remember I told you guys why I love sundays? 
It's the day of the week where I try on new styles. 
I'll do a series of it here on my blog. 
Watch out for that. :) 

 If you want to wear something simple but want to spice up your outfit a bit, pair it with a loud printed shorts or top. So your outfit won't look too plain. 

While I was doing my outfit shots, Mikyle called. HAHA 

 If you guys don't have a veloci watch yet, You're missing out! 
This watch may look plain but guess what? The straps comes in all colors. You can change it and match it with your outfits. If you notice, Mikyle and I have the same veloci watch. :)
Go get one now! Available in LTime Studio. :)

TOP: Pink Manila, SHORTS: Frou Frou, SHOES: Zara, 
Watch: Veloci, Pony Tail: Goody Double Wear 


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