Tuesday, July 02, 2013

What's In My Bag?

Sorry for the delay of my "What's in my bag" post. 
Anyway, here it is!
 I bring a lot of things with me everyday. 
But these are my "bag essentials" 

Bag: Gucci 

This bag is special because it was a gift from my mom. 
And I've been using it ever since she gave it to me, which is about 5 months ago. haha 

Make up purse: SM Accessories 
Liquid Foundation and Mascara: Collection
Curl lash/Red lipstick: Shu Uemura 
Lip tint: Burt's Bees
Cheek tint: Benefit 
Powder and Concealer: MAC Cosmetics 

I never leave the house without my make up. 
I know simplicity is beauty, but this is a must have in every girls bag. And I'm sure a lot of girls will agree with me on this. I sleep late everyday. Sometimes I don't even sleep at all. So every morning my best friend is my MAC concealer. It's the only concealer that hides my awful eye bags. Anyway, In my make up purse, I only bring my liquid foundation, powder, cheek tint, mascara, curl  lash, concealer, lip balm and red lipstick. 

My everyday make up? 
Powder, concealer, cheek tint, curl lash and my burt's bees lip balm/tint. :)

Wallet: Prada

Need I say more? haha 
This wallet is also a gift from my mama. 
I never changed my wallet ever since. 

Medicine kit. 
Pouch from: SM Accessories

This is important because you'll never know when a headache, colds or even dysmenorrhea will come. 
So it's best if you're always ready. 

What's inside: 
bio flu
Iterax ( for my allergies )

Perfume: Lanvin Eclat 

This is also a must have in every girls bag. 
We need this to smell good and fresh every where we go. 

Cleansing wipes/Make up Remover: Bloom (Beauty Bar)

I bring this with me everywhere I go because there are times I forget to remove my make up, because I'm too sleepy and tired to take it off. So I make it a point that on the way home, I'm already make up free. So when I get to the house, especially when it's late already, all I have to do is brush my teeth, put moisturizer, change my clothes then I'm off to bed. 

Brush: Goody 

This is also a bag essential for us girls, because I'm sure no woman wants to look like they just got out of bed right? especially at work or even for students. This goes to all commuters like me. 
I leave the house so fresh and neat looking, then when I get to taft I always look like I just got out of a stampede or something. That's why I always have my Goody stylista brush to solve that problem. 

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