Monday, July 22, 2013

Jeunesse Giveaway!

July is coming to an end, might as well throw some giveaways to you, my lovely readers. First up, my favorite sanitary napkin brand, Jeunesse. It’s the only napkin brand that has anion strips to absorb all the negative ions that can also prevent menstrual cramps from happening. Comfortable and flexible and will give you a worry free day. Jeunesse and Style Is Eternal will be giving away, 6 packs of Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin. Join and experience the wonders of Jeunesse. I am a testimony to this brand. I have been using this ever since it was introduced to me and since then, I have been worry free. 

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Every girl has a beauty essential that she has to always have with her wherever she goes, what is yours?

Example: I can’t leave the house without my jenuesse (Jeunesse) napkin. I’ll never know when my monthly visitor will arrive. Tag me with the hashtag #Jeunesse

I will announce the winners on AUGUST 3, VIA TWITTER. 


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