Saturday, July 27, 2013

Edge Of Glory

As promised, here's another outfit post for you guys. 
I don't know why I have an obsession with black and white and edgy outfits lately, but I'm loving it. I love the feeling and comfort and the edge it gives me. I'm not really edgy, but like I said, you'll never know what suits you if you don't try. And I'm glad I tried this style. It opened so many style ideas for me. That means, you'll be seeing a lot of edge on my blog for the next couple of weeks. 
After edgy, I'm going girly. Let's see how will that look on me. 

For now, let me know what you guys think. 
Yay or nay? 

TOP: Topshop, Skater Skirt: I forgot. :( Please tweet me if you sent this to me. 
SHOES: SM Parisian, BANGLES: Shop Bite, WATCH: Michael Kors


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