Thursday, June 13, 2013

Princess For A Night

I was going through some old photos on my laptop, and I found these photos. 
This was taken almost 2 years ago for my debut. 
I'm sharing this to you, because I've been getting a lot of emails from you guys about what peg you should pick for your pre-debut shoot.  
Well, to tell you honestly I also had a hard time picking what pegs I want for my shoot. 
I had 3 layouts, I chose Safari, Whimsical, and Retro. I chose pegs that would fit my debut theme which was "TEEN VOGUE" 
So, here are some tips.. 
Pick a theme first before the pre-debut shoot. 
Everything starts from the theme. 
So to my SIE readers who's turning 18 this year, do what I didn't get to do when I was 18. Be creative with your theme. Think BIG. The reason why I didn't get to pick a really nice theme was because I only had 2 months to plan my debut. HAHA 
So I suggest, plan your debut 6 months or even a year before. Especially if you're planning a big party. 
Choose the best glam team! Because you're only 18 once. GO ALL OUT IF POSSIBLE. 
If there's something I can really say about my debut, maybe it's the fact that I felt like a princess the whole night. I felt so beautiful and happy. I mean let's face it, at some point in our lives we all dreamt of being a princess. My debut was the night I felt like a true princess. :) Oh well, a girl can dream. :) 

To my SIE READERS who are turning 18 this year, enjoy your special day. It's your night, own every single second of it. :) 

Here's some of my photos from my pre-debut shoot. 

STYLING: Lissa Kahayon


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