Monday, June 17, 2013

Denim Spa

Last month, I attended the launch of the new Wrangler Denim Spa Jeans. 
I'm lucky to be one of the firsts to try them out. 
I chose the anti-cellulite jeans. And I love it! 
It lived up to it's name, it's literally spa in your jeans. 
We all know how essential jeans are to us. It's a given fact that if you're going to invest at any piece of clothing, It should be a pair of jeans. Now going back to the event, It took place at THE SPA the fort branch, it was a very intimate event. The wrangler team gave us a mini tour to know more about the denim spa jeans. 
I am a testimony to this new product because I was wearing the jeans the whole day and I felt amazing. It was scorching hot the whole day, but I didn't feel the heat at all in my legs. It gave me the comfort I needed to get me through the day. 

Here are some of the photos from the event.

Jeans is every college student and working girls and boys bestfriend. If you're going to buy jeans, it's best if you buy the ones that can give you comfort the whole day. Especially if you're running errands, you need jeans that can help you get through the day without any worries or discomfort. 
So if you're going to ask me what jeans I prefer that contains, comfort and relaxation at it's finest, I highly recommend the Wrangler denim spa jeans. 

Thank you wrangler team for the denim spa experience! :)


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