Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Golden Girl

 A few weeks ago, I attended the first birthday of one of the cutest and sweetest baby I've ever known, Sophia. Sophie is Mikyle's baby sister. 
Since the day I met her up to this day, she never fails to make me smile every time I see her. 
Her smile, her laugh and the funny faces she makes to prevent anyone from getting mad at her is the cutest thing ever! It gives me so much joy whenever she calls me "ate" to get my attention.
I am so blessed to have met this little angel. 
She's a bundle of joy! 
Happy first birthday baby sophie! 
I love you. always. :)  

Candid ang peg. haha 
 Entrance? haha 
Group photo with kyle's family :)
My buddies! haha 
Kriecia, Bojet and Kyle :) 


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