Sunday, October 07, 2012


Sunday outfit.
Wore this today. Spent the whole day with my family in The Fort. 
Went rock climbing and went to the bazaar to buy christmas gifts. ( I KNOW. WE'RE EXCITED. HAHA)
Anyway, If you guys don't know, I love sundays. Why? because there's something about this day that makes me want to dress up all the time. Am I weird? haha Wore another not so girly outfit today. 
What do you guys think? :) 


TOP: Folded And Hung, JEANS: H&M, SHOES: Zara, 
BAG: Louis Vuitton, WATCH: Cartier, BRACELET: The Ramp, 
NECKLACE: Forever 21, PONY TAIL: Goody ( Double wear )

Sorry for the quality of the photos. 
Went to canon earlier and had it fixed. Someone messed up the settings. But it's all good now.  
Anyway, wait for my next outfit post. A SHOCKING PEG. HAHA :) 


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