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has taken a new approach regarding watches in order to meet the aspirations of its consumers. Our products represent modern designs for the wrist rather than technical devices that merely show the time. Every style perfectly combines the influence of sport, lifestyle and fashion under one creative umbrella. To reach the broad target audience of the PUMA brand, the collection is divided into two separate segments:

The Active segment includes the Faas 200 for men and Faas 250 for women. Faas, which means “fast” in Jamaican, is a mere 9.6 mm thin, echoing the record-breaking 9.6 second 100 meter sprint, achieved at the Beijing Olympics by Usain Bolt.  

Each design comes in a wide array of colors ranging from nuanced neutrals to bright sportif pops, reflecting the emergence of the active sports look into a must-have style. Faas’ signature design is inspired by the relaxed, cool style of the world-class, record-setting sprinters and runners from Jamaica.  

It offers up-key lap and sprint-timing functions with an easy-to-read display.  The wristband design promotes breathability for ultimate comfort during your vigorous workout activities. The Faas’ features include five operation modes such as normal time, chronograph, alarm, dual time and timer; and a timer with countdown stop, countdown repeat and countdown up functions.

Another design in the Active family is called FORM. As the adage goes, form follows function. Puma Time believes in achieving standout excellence in both. The contoured Form watch proves the point in an extraordinary single form injection moulded “baby” soft silicone.  

Its face emphasizes “conspicuous cool” 3-D raised index numbers, with the signature racing form-stripe logo, running from 4 to 7 o’clock for a memorable visual result.  

Sleek, sweet and very covetable, the water-resistant Form comes in eight high-appeal colors, including nuanced Mediterranean blues and fuchsias, winter white and cloud gray, all of which play up to today’s elevated color sensibilities. 

Meanwhile, the Motorsport Collection goes into fifth gear this holiday season with remarkable designs, underscored with sleek, sexy racing multifunction and chronograph engineering: the Collection is inspired by the language of modern motorsport design, which aims to keep oversized racing wheels on the ground, while moving at speed, using specialized body-shape features.  

Further, the men’s styles are offered in sharp black with a Puma red accent and the women’s in a sleek satin silver stainless steel or winter white with a  Puma red accent.  Additionally for women, the spectacular Tube watch with its glass dome “bombe” bezel is presented in a range of colorful options that look especially chic with this season’s color-driven looks. 

The highly select designs present on-trend oversized dial options balanced by specialized luxury details, including multilayered faces, multidimensional hour-mark figures, and bold-weighted IP-plated stainless steel bands. 

This season, PUMA Time Motorsport collections delineate the very essence of modern style and contemporary life.  

On top, Puma Time is also proud to introduce a small but yet stellar “Motorsport Black Collection” that accentuates the purpose of design in our lives. In a world where speed is a hallmark of modern life, the language of design is a critical part of how one shapes his or her personal visual identity. The brand believes that the Transmission and Supersize exemplify how each person desires to live today.

The Fast Track, one of the Motorsport Black Collection line, is a chronograph design equipped with a three-hand, double-layered 46mm oversized face; luminous hour and minute hands pointing towards punched-out round rim-inspired hour marks. The second hand is finished in a striking deep metallic red, which echoes the visually commanding stainless metallic red and black bezel and oversized metallic red aluminum pushers. 

A chronograph and bold-weight stainless steel deployment band completes this stunningly confident design. Fast Track comes in ionic-plated black stainless steel with signature red accents and is water-resistant to five ATM. 

The Ultrasize is simply exceptional, because a minimum of elements are used--- simple straight line hour marks with a stylized “3” and PUMA cat logo at 12:00. But each indicator is elevated high off the floor of the dial to achieve a striking three-dimensional effect. A nicely integrated left-sided crown further distinguishes the 50mm oversized case design; all this is finished with an ultra-comfort, double-injected polyurethane matte black strap.  It’s water-resistant to 10 ATM.

The new motorsport-inspired Hero watch is an elegantly sophisticated design available as a chronograph for men and a multifunction watch for women.  It flaunts three cut-out subdials and a contoured polyurethane band with a signature PUMA repeat pattern embossed inside the strap. Specifically designed for the active traveller, its deliberately oversized look reads modern jetsetter. It is available in combinations of brushed silver, bright white, classic black and gold accents.

Puma watches are available at the Puma Time Kiosk in SM Megamall, Timegear and L Timestudio boutique. 

This is the watch I got! I'm in love with it!! :) 

I personally loved the new collection. 
I wanted to get everything! 
Get your Puma watch now! 



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