Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Girly With A Twist

This Is what I wore to school today. 
Went for the girly look again. I don't know what's with this peg, I got obsessed with it. HAHA 
That means, you'll be seeing more girly outfits on my blog. 
Anyway, today I went for a different kind of girly. I like to call it, girly with a twist. I went for the girly meets cowgirl peg. I didn't wear any accessories today, expect for my watch and my goody double wear pony tail, because my look already has a lot going on, didn't want to push it further. So, I kept it simple but still very fashionable. It's not a fashion crime to go all out, but sometimes, less is better. Simplicity is beauty. 

TOP: Forever 21, SHORTS: Urban Outfitters, STOCKINGS: Topshop, 
SHOES: H&M, WATCH: Swatch, PONYTAIL: Goody (Double Wear)


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