Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Risk

Wore this outfit to school last week. 
I never wore anything like this before. To tell you honestly, I was hesitating if I was going to wear this, because I felt like this style isn't me. But oh well, I took a fashion risk and I actually liked it. It may not be my style, but at least I tried something new right? 
So to my favorite girls, don't be afraid to try something new. Because you'll never know, you might actually like what you'll see. Always remember that in fashion, there's no rules. You can wear anything you want. If you're happy with your outfit, and you're comfortable in it, go out there and flaunt it. Who cares what others say. Fashion is all about expressing yourself. Always remember that. :) 

 I was suppose to wear heels with this outfit, but since I was going to commute the whole day, I just wore flats. 

TOP: Zara, SKIRT: Jellybean, SHOES: Tory Burch, ARM CANDIES: wearmauve
WATCH: Swatch, PONYTAIL: Goody 

Photos taken by: Miko Carreon


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