Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goody Girl

As I have announced earlier, I'm officially a Goody Girl! 
Words can't explain how happy I was when Goody Philippines messaged me on twitter about this sponsorship. Me and my Family have been goody girls since forever. We only trust goody when it comes to hair products such as pony tails, brushes, clips, etc. 
This sponsorship is definitely a dream come true! 

For my first goody girl post, I'll be sharing you guys my favorite items from Goody.

You guys have been asking me how I get my beach waves hair, well here is the answer,
I used to use my pony tail to bun my hair to get the curls I want but when I discovered the spin pins it gave me the beach waves i've been meaning to achieve. That little thing exceeded my hair expectations. :) 

The stylista brush. 
The material they used is hair friendly. Some brushes tend to hurt your scalp when you brush your hair right? But the stylista brush will get you to brush your hair more than 100 times. 
Ouchless and fab! 

The Volume Boost 
I haven't used this one, but I ought to find out how this works. I'll be updating you guys. 

The stay put bands.
My favorite. 
To everyone who loves tying their hair, this is the perfect pony tail ever. 

For updates, giveaways and events, follow Goody on twitter: @GoodyPH


At June 29, 2012 at 6:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you use the spin pins? I've been seeing a lot of those already but I don't know how to use that..


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