Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Batch Outing! DAY 1

Last week, March 10-11 Me and my fellow seniors plus 3 teachers went to Caliraya Resort & Recreation CenterWe were all looking forward to this day for weeks because our days before this batch outing was pure HELL. 
 We left school at around 8 am and arrived in Caliraya at exactly 12 pm. 
We checked in our rooms, fixed our stuff and dressed up for swimming and the much awaited attraction, THE MUD SLIDE. 
At around 1:30 me and my friends went swimming and we took advantage of a small slide that was so slippery it took us forever to get to the top and slide. LOL 
Anyway, we all got bored eventually so we all ran to the MUD SLIDE. 
We were the first people to try it that day! So everyone was watching us! 
It was the funniest thing! The sliding began! in less than a minute we were covered in MUD AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE =)) It was so much fun! especially when you're with friends. Here are some pictures from the batch outing. I'll be posting more this week! :)
Gas station stop over. With tim!

take two

classmates with T. Ai and T. lani :)

let the sliding begin!! 

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thats me trying to stop the mud from going to my face. obviously it didnt work. =)))

Team building games! Tug of war.


all covered in mud! 

If you guys want to getaway from all the stress here in manila and you're too tamad to fly to another country. I recommend you visit Caliraya Resort and Re-creation center. 
It's not the best place in the world. But the weather and the facilities are really nice! 
People in all ages will enjoy this place! They have water sports, they have team building activities, Zip line, Zorb ball, Swimming pool, Mud slide and many more. 

Check their website for more details:


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