Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nina Ricci: Fantasy

Thank God Ana posted pictures already.
Anyway, this is the event I was talking about on my previous post. 
Last week, I went to Paul The PR guy's Event. The Nina Ricci: Fantasy Fragrance. 
Everything was so Dreamy. The set up was made by the and only Paul the PR guy
Great Job, Paul! The set up lived up to it's name, Fantasy. 
Even if I had another perfume on me already, that didn't stop me from trying on the fragrance. 
It smelled so good! I'm getting myself one soon. And you should too! 

Thanks for inviting us! 

A soft and luminous freshness on top, announcing a dazzling floral heart and contrasted by a smooth ambery dry down.

Top: Bergamot Mandarin Pear
Heart: Cherry Blossom Rose Heliotrope
Base: Holly Vanilla Brown Sugar



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